"Welcome to My name is Damiano Pezzi. After years of experience in the industry, often working side by side with important Chefs, i decided to start this alternative cocktail consulting company.

My concept, on which i base all of my work, is that everything we can eat can be deconstructed, converted into a drink and enhanced with the proper spirit and geek bartending skills.

The world cocktail scene has always worked toward refining its techniques, everyday combining more unusual flavors together, crafting amazing concoctions, becoming a great wingman to the food industry.

My whole experience as cocktail bartender and manager has been deeply influenced by kitchen world. It gave me the opportunity to use different items and have access to flavor knowledges usually not easy to get for regular bartenders.

My goal has always been to create cocktails to enhance and complement food, but with the ultimate goal of becoming themselves the star of the day.

Here at i put my knowledges and experiences together to create custom menus for restaurants, cocktail bars, hotels and so on.  Together with it, the possibility of managing and arranging private events, masterclasses and cocktail curses".